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The Ultimate Week-by-Week Pregnancy To Do List


Falling pregnant seems straightforward in most cases we all seem to know the basic to do’s with that one!

What should you actually be doing AFTER you conceive though?

Well, it seems you’re a little late, and I don’t mean turning up to dinner 5 minutes late. I’m talking days late for your period to arrive and scream out to you – ‘All is well in Uterus Town. You’re not pregnant this month!!’ Whether you’ve been trying to conceive, or it’s possibly a surprise development, you have 40 weeks (possibly less now depending on how far along you may be) to get yourself, your partner, your home and well your life organised and ready for this baby!!! Once you start getting rational thoughts again in your mind, after the “surely not, but what if I am, but I can’t be, but geez I hope I am” initial stage, you should start your planning.. Just for you – I present to you – a Pregnancy To-Do List….taaadahhhh!! (Insert a whole heap of pomp and ceremony – you know trumpets, streamers, maybe the odd firework or two)

8Week 1

Your pregnancy countdown starts from the first day of your last period. So week one is your menstrual period. Even though your baby hasn’t been conceived yet, the expected birth date is calculated from this date. Although the average length of gestation is counted at 40 weeks, conception usually happens two weeks later, so the baby spends 38 weeks in the womb. Size of Your Baby: Half of a Poppy Seed



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