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7 Early Warning Signs of Breast Cancer in women


Do you know what is the secret to your breast health? Most of the women are still unaware of their breast health, for this, you must know how your breasts normally look and feel like. You must always be conscious about that because finding a breast cancer as early as possible provides you a better chance of successful treatment. It does not mean you have to go through regular mammograms or other screening tests, obviously. The screening tests are yet most helpful in the early diagnosis of having breast cancer.

One of the early signs of having breast cancer is to feel a new lump or mass in one or both of your breasts. It might be a painless hard mass that has irregular edges or a painful soft, tender lump that is either round in shape. So, if you feel any new growth or lump, you need to consult your physician at once for they could either be a tumor or a simple outgrowth.

Here are some early symptoms of Breast Cancer:

7Swelling of a part or whole breast though if no distinct lump can be felt

Even the mammograms cannot distinguish cancer residing in your breasts. 30 percent of all breast cancers aren’t lumps which make it harder to detect them. Well, if you feel any swelling or change in its shape, you need to see your physician.



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